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AcroYoga Beginner Tutorial – Front Bird


For today’s post, we’ll be looking at the Front Bird Tutorial. Noga goes over quite a few tips involve safety and balance. Be sure that you are ready we the base, the flyer, and the spotter. Watch the video below to learn your first move!

Increase your flexibility and stabilization with the Tiger Bend.

Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

Walking and Jumping On Your HandsWalking and Jumping On Your Hands on Amazon
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Happy Hump day and what would you like!?


Happy Hump Day everybody! As you all know we have been working hard making Lost Art of Hand Balancing bigger and better! A part of that process is in seeing what you guys are interested in. Which tips you found the most benefits in and also what you would like to see in the future. So, with that said, we’d appreciate it if you send us a shout and let us know what YOU WANT!

Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

Tumbling Illustrated
Tumbling Illustrated on Amazon


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Hand Positioning For the Handstand Part 2

Allright! Here is part 2 of the Hand Positioning for the Handstand Post. Here is some great insight on small tweaks you can make to increase your hold time and balance. The basic beginner position if you have good range of motion in the wrists is to try and keep the middle fingers parallel to eachother.


If that becomes difficult and you are even having trouble kicking up, try turning your hands out.

Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days on Amazon


The hand position can cause stress on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and base of the neck if your range of motion is compromised.


A simple turn of the hand can reduce the restriction in the upper extremities and make hand balancing a whole lot  easier!


Check the video below for more detailed info!

Make sure to get the Handstand Mastery Course!

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Acroyoga For Beginners: What is Acroyoga?

Hey Guys!

Every Friday for the next five weeks, we’ll be looking at another form of hand balancing. One that isn’t just an independent journey but one that you share with another. Here is a basic breakdown of the positions and things you might need to get started with your partner.

Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days on Amazon

For more instruction on hand balancing, check out How to do a one-armed handstand!

Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

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Hand Positioning For the Handstand Part 1

Here is an excellent primer on hand positioning and placement for the handstand. Everybody’s body is a bit different in terms of bone structure, strength, and flexibility. Just some simple tweaks on angle from fingers turned parallel to an external rotation can make a big change on your stabalization.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon

Watch the video below to find out more!

Also, don’t forget to try out the handstand mastery course!

Stay Inverted,
-Coach Jon


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Advancing the Basics: Headstand Variation – Sitting Upside Down!

With today’s post, we’ll be looking at another way to advance your basic handstand lead-up stunts. For this variation, we’ll be focusing on balance and dynamic stabilization with the headstand by adding an L-Sit!


When we get started with this aim to reach for 5 sets of 3 reps. That way you can build the necessary strength without going overboard.


You want to get started in the sprinter stance with the tripod. Kick-up from this position and hold the alignment.

How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
ow to do the One Hand Handstand on Amazon


Once you stabilized the alignment, grip your fingers to the floor and shift your hips back until your legs have reached at least parallel to the ground and then repeat a couple more times.


Another nice tip is to slightly round your mid-back. It won’t be visible in your alignment, but it can help to keep the load off of your lower lumbar!


Here is the complete video for you!

Be sure to check out the full handstand program here!

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Advancing the Basics: Frogstand Variation – Using Your Head 1 Min Tip

Here is the first official tip post of 2016 for LAOHB! Today we are going over the Frogstand. Specifically, we are going to take a look at a nice regression you can use to help build the stabilizers necessary to keep you balanced, while you are in this position!



First you want to Begin in the Frogstand Position. Make sure that you are gripping the floor tightly with your fingers and that you have as much surface space that you can rest you legs on!


Second, carefully let the crown of your head rest on the floor as you drive your hips up. Reposition your legs if necessary to gain a stronger position.


Finally attempt to hold the position for at least one minute while you keep your back aligned with a posterior tilt.


An added benefit of this modified position is that you can use it to drive up into your headstand!


Look below to see the entire tip!

If you want to delve deeper into your hand balance training, go to Handstand Mastery!

Walking and Jumping On Your HandsWalking and Jumping On Your Hands on Amazon

Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

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So I checked my email… and found a surprise!

Hey Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different. Yesterday I was setting things up for the coming year with LAOHB and received something in my email from Logan that made my day. Its great when I get to see how this information has helped others as much as its helped me and I wanted to share what this person said:

Walking and Jumping On Your HandsWalking and Jumping On Your Hands on Amazon

Hi Logan,

I was a bit slow in actually implementing the lead up practices into my regular practice, but once I did I started to notice changes quite quickly. Then suddenly last week something ‘clicked’ and freestanding handstands just started happening quite naturally. I think my holds are somewhere around the 20 second mark at the moment. However, I can still feel that my shoulder positioning and body alignment needs work.
I am grateful for the info in the quick start guide – I found it to be very grounded and pragmatic. It’s nice to leave behind some of the ‘sets and reps’ thinking and just play a bit.
Will definitely be checking out some of the other products on your site.
Many thanks,
So, how has being a part of this community helped you with your goals?
-Stay Inverted
Coach Jon
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Better Late Than Never: Happy New Year!

Its the first full official week of the New Year and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t forget to wish you a Happy and Successful year in all of your endeavors!


Tumbling Illustrated
Tumbling Illustrated on Amazon

If you need any helpful tips or even a pathway to keep you productive on your hand balancing journey pick up the Handstand Mastery Course!

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Returning to Basics: The Headstand 1 Min Tip!

For today’s 1 minute tip, I’m going to be talking about the headstand. Its a great beginner lead-up stunt that will help with your stabalization really break that fear of being inverted without the wall or partner support!


The first thing to do is begin in a sprinter stance similar to how you would get into the Kick-Up Wall Handstand.


Once you’ve situated your position, create a tripod with your hands and your head. Make sure to lock in your shoulders and activate your lats for increased stability.


Finally Kick up into the handstand! Make any distance adjustments with your hands and head as soon as you get into the position. Finally be sure to dig your fingers into the ground to root yourself onto the floor.


Catch the entire tip here!

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups
Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups on Amazon

To get a stronger understanding and solid system for the Handstand, pick up the video course!

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