Returning to Basics: The Headstand 1 Min Tip!

For today’s 1 minute tip, I’m going to be talking about the headstand. Its a great beginner lead-up stunt that will help with your stabalization really break that fear of being inverted without the wall or partner support!


The first thing to do is begin in a sprinter stance similar to how you would get into the Kick-Up Wall Handstand.


Once you’ve situated your position, create a tripod with your hands and your head. Make sure to lock in your shoulders and activate your lats for increased stability.


Finally Kick up into the handstand! Make any distance adjustments with your hands and head as soon as you get into the position. Finally be sure to dig your fingers into the ground to root yourself onto the floor.


How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
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Catch the entire tip here!

To get a stronger understanding and solid system for the Handstand, pick up the video course!

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