Bridge Gymnastics

Check out this video of some wrestler’s bridge gymnastics.


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Here is another video I took while I was at my gymnastics class. Let me start by saying don’t try this at home. It took a lot of effort to work up to this level. I didn’t jump into this on a whim.

It is actually several different feats strung together. Falling into a bridge, kicking over, kicking back, then standing up. Not the most graceful one I have ever pulled off. Still need some work especially on the Standing Up part.

Of course this can be done by with a gymnastic or hand bridge. I can do the gymnastic bridge version a little easier. And this one does not take so long to work up to, as far as neck strength is concerned.

The Wrestler's Bridge

The Wrestler's Bridge

Great for strength and flexibility all up and down the spine and more.

Either way it is a good trick to throw into you hand balancing routine or practice.

Good Luck and Good Bridging,
Logan Christopher

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