Developing the QDR Part 1! Strengthening for the QDR

Hey Guys! I hope that you are all enjoying your holidays. Today we are going to get a more in-depth look at the QDR itself and work on the exercises that can really help you develop the coordination and stability to hold it up!


1. The First Step is to get used to the starting position. You want to begin in the Dive Bomber Pushup or Pike Pushup. As you come down, tilt your body to one side and rest your elbow on your rib cage. Work on alternating each side to develop some balanced strength!


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2. Next work on the core stabalization of your lats and obliques by doing a forearm side-plank. There are lots of variations of these, and if you guys want, I can do a video on them as well!


3. The final exercise is to alternate and complete the scorpion lever. I would say this exercise is at the top end of the beginner level so make sure you keep this as one of your foundational moves!


4. Finally, here is a video if you want to see this broken down into action!

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Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

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