Fingertip Planche

This came into today and I thought it was worth sharing.

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Hey logan i was just able to check out the amazing feat video and i have to say thanks for sharing that with all of us, i love how the monks train and the one and two finger zen are always legendary. I wanted to tell you to keep up all your hard work man! yourself and jim are great motivators and i loved the teleseminar you guys posted out awhile back. I can not do a one handed handstand pushup yet, but ive always had strong fingers and i recently not too long ago was able to do (Not Perfect Form) but a three finger planche and since i read the Feats message i wanted to share the picture with you i hope you receive it, its not the best at all man but im training and having fun hoping to promote others to exercise and keep healthy. Im alittle late on the video since you sended it but i just got to the message now. I always try my best to catch any new information that you give out.

Never stop training,

Fingertip Planche

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  1. TheSupersaiyan February 5, 2011 at 3:35 am #

    Hey, you can see here My Full planche on 3 fingers , Straddle planche on 2 fingers, Straddle planche push up on 3 fingers.


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