Getting Started with the Gymnastic Rings!

In today’s Post, we’ll be looking at a beginner ring workout you can do, to develop great control and upper body strength from our friends at Gold Medal Bodies!

The First exercise is the Top Position. This is the first exercise in the workout flow. Make sure to lock in your lats and be careful not to shrug your shoulders.


The Second exercise are dips. Keep the same stabilized positioning from the Top Position. Lower your body without letting your shoulders pass the rings.


Third we have the Reverse Row Sit. An important detail of this move is that rather than just sitting back, make sure your row towards the rings, drive up your hips, and clinch your glutes.


We have two variations for the fourth exercise. Test out the Tuck first so you can build your stabilization strength with the L-sit.


The final exercise is either a chin or pull-up. The focus here is on the strict pulling motions, so be sure not to perform a kip-up during this exercise.


Watch the full video to get a full breakdown of the exercises!

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Gold Medal Bodies has been a strong leader in body weight development over the years. They’ve just recently revamped their Rings 1 training program. If you want to build a strong Upper Body of Olympic Levels, check out Rings 1.

Stay Inverted,
-Coach Jon

P.S. If you act before 1/30/16, you can receive two special bonuses including shoulder health and a conditioning workout using the gymnastic rings!

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