Great Progress Report

I received this unsolicited email the other day.

I am quite tempted to write you a long letter, describing in detail the many specific things that I have gained from both your website and the HBMC, but I will spare you the specifics in favor of brevity.

I began training parkour about 2 years ago, and I followed that by joining the gymnastics club at my university. Now, though, while I still go out for parkour several times a week, my real passion is hand balancing. I LOVE standing on my hands. How can such a seemingly monotonous task be so incredibly rewarding? It is just fabulous!

I could walk on my hands fairly well (from a naive perspective), but couldn’t stand still for more than 3 seconds. Furthermore, my technique was just horrendous. Having gotten the HBMC a couple of weeks ago, I can already consistently surpass the 30 second mark with a static hold, and I am approaching the 1 minute mark. My forearms have been absolutely destroyed since the book arrived! It honestly hurts my forearms to snap my fingers 🙂 The manual not only provides me insightful details concerning technique, but it also serves as a hand balancing pep talk! I am very thankful that I made this purchase, and I sincerely regret not having done it sooner.

-Kenny Wunder

Thank you Kenny for taking action and putting in the effort.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon

If you want to get the Hand Balancing Mastery Course you can grab it here.

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