Hand Balancing Achievement: Bridge to Kickover!

We alway’s love it when one of our readers is able to use the information and build out their acrobatic skills. Here’s one from Travis!

Finally got it after 18 months of training!!! I know my moves are ugly because of the stiff shoulders, but still…

Awesome damn program, Logan. Anyway, a couple of things that helped:
1) Rest (I had a few setbacks along the way w my shoulders)
2) Progression: you used boxes, I used cinder blocks and then a trampoline and finally a partner to spot/assist.

Now, I’m gonna work on cleaning it up. But seriously, this program did so much for my tumbling. You should see me connect handsprings when I do open gym w my daughter. Thanks again!!!

You can watch what he’s done Below!

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Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

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