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Dear Friend,
So you want to learn a handstand? Just imagine what it would feel like to effortlessly hold a stable handstand for a minute. What would your friends and family say? How awesome would it look?
Let me tell you a story. When I first got into handstands I didn’t know what I was doing. Not to mention at 6’ 2” and around 180 pounds I’m not your average tiny gymnast’s size. I started with zero experience.
I took the long slow road which was full of frustration and many times I nearly gave up. Only through persistence was I finally able to hold a stable handstand. And it took me over a year to do it!
But you don’t have to follow what I did.
Which Path Do You Want to Take?
You see when I started this website I knew that nine people out of ten coming to it where looking to master this one main move. Without this foundation you can’t do anything else. You can’t do a handstand press…you can’t do a one arm handstand…you can’t jump on your hands…you can’t do ANYTHING!
Perhaps you find yourself in the same spot.
Maybe you’ve tried doing handstand before, but never had much success. You’re not alone.
The fact is if you find yourself there it’s not your fault. You were never properly taught a systematic approach to learning the handstand.
Let me explain. The handstand is an extremely difficult move, when you’re starting out. Yet people kick up or jump into a handstand hoping to hold it…and FAIL.
And I’m sorry but if you’re stumbling around on your hands you’re doing more harm than good.
This is Like Walking into a Gym and
Trying to Squat 500 lbs. on your First Day…
…It’s just not going to happen.
With the weights you need to build up to it. The handstand is just the same. Although you may be able to handle your own weight, learning the right position and the fine aspects of how to balance takes time and needs to be built up to.
That’s what the Lead-Up Stunts are all about.
In Secrets of the Handstand I detail…

Five Moves You Need to Master
Before You Even Try a Freestanding Handstand

Because these each teach you foundational skills that are easy to learn. In a couple weeks you can progress very far on these, unlike just going for the handstand.
Travis says “I read your handstand book and BOOM!, I still can’t believe that’s me.”
Chris says “I am absolutely amazed at my progress in such a short time from a total novice to being able to hold 10 second handstands. ‘Secrets of the Handstand’ gave me the progressions, techniques and tips that would have taken me months, if not years to find on my own, or trawling youtube.”
And when you do move onto the handstand with this base of skills you’ll actually find it easy to do.
These five moves are:
In the course I give you all the details you need to master these movements, plus many additional variations that build even more skill and strength.
These lead-up stunts make up Phase 1 of the Handstand Getting System.
Phase Two has two parts.
One is to take the wall handstand and start balancing by coming off the wall. There are two different methods of doing this.
Simple enough and most people know this already.
What they don’t know is the second part…Just how important the kickup is.
In this system I teach you the two different ways to kick-up and how to properly practice this move so you can effortlessly get into the handstand position.
Don’t waste your time like I did, only managing one kick-up out of ten when I was learning the handstand. Instead improve here in this phase until you reach 8, 9 or 10 successful kick-ups out of every 10.
Finally we move onto Phase 3, where you start putting it all together and balancing out in the open.
The Goal of the Secrets of the Handstand Quick Start is to
Get You into a Stable 30 Second Freestanding Handstand
as Fast as Humanly Possible. 
If you put the system to work you will!
This course is rated at beginner level.
I’ve had plenty of success stories of people mastering the handstand and hitting this goal in as little as a month’s time.
That’s far better then the year or more it took me, before I created this system and refined it by training others.
Let’s talk about what you’re going to get with the Secrets of the Handstand System today.
It’s a 3 Video set in .MP4 format filmed at a recent workshop where I not only lecture, describe and show each move but you get to see me trouble-shoot the attendees.
You’ll learn all about the moves and so much more.
    Like how to deal with painful wrists.
    The straight handstand versus the curved handstand.
    Back and shoulder flexibility.
    Where to go once you master that free standing handstand.
    The importance of setting a goal and visualizing success.
    And much more.
Each MP4 Video is approximately an hour in length. No stone is left unturned as this is the most in depth info on achieving a handstand available.
This is a $147 Value
In addition as a Bonus you’ll receive the Secrets of the Handstand Manual giving you the step by step instructions you need, complete with exercise descriptions, photos and a whole bunch more.
This book regularly sells for $29.95

The price for the Secrets of the Handstand Quickstart Video System is $67. 

As always my products are backed by a 3 month no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like it for any reason let me know and you’ll receive all your money back.
If you want to learn the handstand as fast as humanly possible, then grab this handstand getting system today and put it to work immediately.
Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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