Progression Workouts for Handstand Push-Ups

This video is divided into two parts, featuring variations of handstand pushups in the first part and progression exercises for handstand pushups in the second part.

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More specifically, in the first part of the video you’ll see some amazing feats:

  • Supported handstand pushups (against the door)
  • Raised handstand pushups (against the door)
  • Freestanding handstand pushups
  • Raised Freestanding handstand pushups
  • “Scissor” handstand pushups
  • “Diamond” grip supported handstand pushups

Whereas in the second part you’ll discover how to go from shoulders push-ups to partial supported handstand pushups and finally to negatives and climbing up against the wall, before trying out your first handstand push-up against the wall. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups to learn how to perform them as soon as possible.

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