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Incredible Training Compilation by Daniel Tsinis

Here’s an awesome video compilation of various hand balancing moves from an ex-gymnast who just recently changed the focus of his training to hand balancing. Lots of presses, one arm hand balancing, handstands…

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Weather you’re a fan of hand balancing, tumbling, breakdancing or gymnastics in general, I promise you’ll enjoy this video by Daniel Tsinis.

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Unbelievable Strength Workout by Simon Ata

Simon “Simonster” Ata is a professional break-dancer from Melbourne, Australia. In this video he performs an insane bodyweight workout which he uses to stay incredibly strong and maintain ripped physique. Here are just some of the moves performed by Simonster in a single workout:

  • Various presses
  • One leg backflips
  • Clapping Planche pushups
  • Handstand to planche pushup
  • Kip ups
  • Jumping on one hand
  • One hand press
  • Windmills

In addition to Simon’s extraordinary skills, this video shot at the Hanger 4 Mixed Martial Arts Studio in Melbourne was professionally edited, so it’s not surprising it went viral so quickly. Definitely a must watch!

Hand Balancing Made EasyHandBalancingMadeEasy_on_Amazon
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Best Bboy Video

I don’t know about you but this could be the best bboy video ever. It’s definitely the best I’ve ever seen. When most videos I watch get played through at double speed I’ve watched this one already three times including in slow-mo.

I’ve got nothing to offer you here if you want to do this…though I think that will have to change in the future.

Tumbling Illustrated
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But in the meantime you can learn many other equally amazing skills. Click here to grab something today.

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