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How to do a Cartwheel Step by Step

The video below and the accompanying steps will show you how to do a cartwheel step by step. The cartwheel is one of the most basic and foundational tumbling or gymnastic moves. It’s a move everyone should be able to do with just a little amount of practice.

How to do a Cartwheel Step by Step

Step 1
Figure out which leg to lead off of for the cartwheel. This is important in the beginning, and with a little more practice you’ll be able to do cartwheels on both sides. Although one side is usually tougher then another, this is one move where you can easily work off both legs.

Step 2
Determine if you can support your weight on your hands. This is done in the video with a move called the bunny hop. You could also use a handstand against the wall.

Step 3
Do a bunny hop to the side. This ends up looking something like a move that people that don’t know how to cartwheel end up doing when the try it.

Step 4
Do a bunny hop to the side, except this time you land on one foot before bringing down the other.

Step 5
This uses a cartwheel mat, although it’s not necessary. This explains where your hands and feet go while doing the cartwheel. You can see an example of this in this other article on how to do the cartwheel.

Step 6
Do a cartwheel.

How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
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For some people you might need to teach in this many steps how to do a cartwheel, but for others they’ll be able to pick it up with a minor amount of cues.

If you’d like more advice on a wide variety of tumbling skills check out Tumbling Illustrated.

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How to do a Cartwheel Article

This one is on How to do a Cartwheel. A simple gymnastic move that everyone should be capable of doing. Are you?

I should of done this one a long time ago, judging by the number of questions I’ve had. But hey, better late then never right?

It has a video too. It’s from this month’s Acrobat Accelerator where I also cover one handed cartwheels, muscle control, and a variety of hand balancing moves. There’s still a few issues available. Look at the PS for more info on how to get one.

But most importantly check out that article if you need help on your cartwheels.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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P.S. Get Acrobat Accelerator at no charge along with one of these products:
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Acrobatic Conditioning Report is coming…

I’m hard at work finishing up a Special Report I’ll be releasing next week. I was almost done but then your questions from the survey came in and I realized there was a lot more ground to cover.

So if you want your questions answered head on over to the survey.

It’s real short. And I know it asks for two questions but if you only got one that’s good enough.

This report is on what I call Acrobatic Conditioning. Its going to cover ways to train to improve your tumbling skills even if you’ve never worked on them before. How you can get started and where to train.

I’m about to go write more but I just want to take the time to answer at least one question here.

“Which skills should I attempt to learn first? and Should one master the handstand before attempting skills like cartwheel, round-off, and handsprings?”

Hand Balancing and Tumbling skills are related but definitely separate skill groups. You don’t really need to be good in one to do the other. That being said many tumbling moves move through the handstand position.

It can help to work both hand balancing and tumbling at the same time though you certainly don‘t need to be a master the handstand first.

As for which skills to work on that is easy. Start with what you can do and move on from there. If this is just basic rolls than start with that. Any moves where some part of you stays in contact with the ground would be next on the chain like cartwheels, roundoffs, and handsprings.

Of course the aerial moves like flips take a bit more work and are something you have to be careful with. More on that later.

Tumbling Illustrated
Tumbling Illustrated on Amazon

But the idea is like with any other training. You work tumbling progressively.

Alright back to the report. Oh, and there’ll be new videos soon too.

Good Luck and Good Tumbling,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Seriously hit up the survey if you haven’t already.

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