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A Celebratory Ring Challenge!

Hey Guys! In today’s post, we have a fun and quick challenge for you. The year is getting off to a great start and people are losing weight, building muscle, and most importantly development their mindful movement. So we wanted to kick things off with an easy challenge we found to test you. Micheal demonstrates a conditioning circuit of 3 exercises with 5 reps each in succession. Try these 3 and see the immense strength that you can build!

1)Muscle – Ups






Watch the full video below!

If the conditioning challenge was hard, you still have a chance to get the revamped Rings One Program and if you act before tonight ends, you can receive two special bonuses including shoulder health and a conditioning workout using the gymnastic rings!

Tumbling Illustrated
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Stay Inverted!
-Coach Jon

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Bar Kip Tutorial

Over the years I’ve only done a little bit of bar work. I remember one day back in gymnastics I decided to try out the bar kip. The other people there told me how to do it and in a couple tries I had it down.

This video shows you how its done.

To do the bar kip you need to learn how to use your body. Its not so much a strength move (though a foundation of strength is necessary) but learning how to divert your force when and where needed. You need to be tight at certain parts and explode in others.

Though the end result is being over the bar, this is different than a muscle up, done on the bar. That is more of a pullup or bent arm exercise into the position, even if kipping is used to aid in the movement, while this is straight armed mostly and done completely with body momentum. Of course both are great, just different applications. Actually now that I think about it, you’d probably get benefit in training both of these, in order to improve both to some degree.

Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days on Amazon

If you want more from the Tapp Brothers I recommend checking out their Parkour Crash Course or How to do the Backflip.

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Victorian on Rings

Here is a video of a great routine, even including a rarely seen Victorian on the rings at 0:08 by Stanford’s Peter Derman.

Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days on Amazon

Obviously quite impressive.

These skills may be way beyond your ability but that doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by them.

In my gymnastics class I’ve talked quite a bit about the tumbling and even parallel bars and progress is still coming fast there. But I also play around with the rings.

For the first time I hit multiple muscle-ups on the rings in a row without re-gripping. Never worked on that before. Also working a bit towards one arm chinnups. Still have a long ways to go there.

Another thing that is inspiring is that there’s a couple guys there that can just about do the iron cross. Watching videos is one thing but seeing it live and up close is another.

If you get around people that are better than you, you have no choice but to be pulled upwards.

Good Luck and Good Gymnastics,
Logan Christopher

P.S. Want your own pair of Gymnastic Rings? You can get them here…

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Entcho Hand Balancing

This is one of my favorite hand balancing videos by Entcho Keryazov from Bulgaria. Simply amazing.

I stumbled across this awhile ago, and many people have pointed it out to me, but this is the first time I’ve featured it here.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon

Some of my personal favorites:

  • The back lever at 1:00
  • Hopping from one hand handstand to another at 1:59
  • Handstand on the stacked blocks and throwing them away at 3:14
  • The smooth muscle up on the stands at 4:24
  • No to mention his dismount and how he comes across as knowing just how good he is.

I don’t know about you but I’m inspired to practice right now.

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