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Artistic Balancing on Hand Balancing Canes

A hand balancer from Russia, Nikita Sukhanov, recently released a new video full of powerful balancing moves on hand balancing stands performed in a controlled manner. My favorite parts are at 0:43 and 2:55.

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Apart from great strength and coordination, these and similar hand-balancing moves require a great deal of flexibility. If you’d like to increase ranges of motion, decrease pain and become MUCH more flexible, make sure to check out GMB Focused Flexibility.

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One Arm Hand Balancing Training Session

Nikita Sukhanov is a professional hand balancer from Russia who spent six years with Cirque du Soleil.

Below is his training session from about a week ago with tons of cool one-arm stuff that require massive amounts of strength, skill and coordination. Enjoy!

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Check out Nikita’s website here and don’t forget to Like his facebook page if you enjoyed the performance.

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