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One Armed Handstand On The Edge

Some people avoid practicing a handstand as they are afraid of falling down, whereas others take hand balancing to other extremes. Eskil Ronningsbakken is one of the latter risking his life while performing a handstand 2,000ft above a fjord in Norway, followed by a one arm handstand.

Eskil makes use of visualization to prepare for this and similar acts, which I believe plays a very important role in his success.

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Spectacular One Arm Handstand Control by Andrey Moraru

Andrey Moraru is hand balancer from Moldova who joined a circus at the age of 11 and specialized in hand balancing.Even with that much experience under his belt, the balance and control of his moves is still astonishing.

The title of the video speaks for itself.

While I can’t promise you that you’ll be able to master one arm handstand quickly, I CAN show you the fastest way to master the regular handstand. Click here to find out more.

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Incredible Calisthenics Moves by Andrea Larosa

In today’s video we have calisthenics practitioner from Italy, Andrea Larosa, showing various moves in his video compilation including one handed L-sit, planche pushups, handstand variations, bent arm presses and much more, both on bars and ground.

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Interesting in bodyweigh training? My Beginner’s Handstand System is worth checking out in order to build foundational strength and gradually progress to more advanced bodyweight exercises.

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One Arm Compilation

I stumbled upon this inspiring compilation of one arm workout videos from Russia. Unfortunately, video embedding was disabled by request. But you can still click here and watch it on YouTube.

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It seems like the art of hand balancing and bodyweight training is definitely not lost in Russia, as they perform very hard moves, including:

  • One arm handstand
  • One arm planche
  • One arm chin up
  • One arm superman
  • One arm horizontal pullup
  • One finger chin-ups! (1:10)
  • One arm hand-to-hand handstand
  • And many more

Click here to learn how to do the one hand handstand.

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Hand Balancing Act and Jumping on One Hand

A video of a woman performing hand balancing act from 2009 went viral again on YouTube. Here’s the original, long version of that video featuring incredibly strong woman practicing tough hand balancing routine on hand balancing canes.

Lack of space, a domestic setting and children in the background are no match for Anait Seyranyan, a professional Moscow-born hand balancer. Here’s another great video from Anait where she jumps from one arm to another on the hand balancing stand.

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She also manages to stay in near-vertical position in a one arm handstand, which is definitely something you don’t see every day. Make sure to check out 17 Exercises to Build the Strength and Stability for the one arm handstand in How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor E.M. Orlick.

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10 Minute Handstand – Guest Post by Yuval Ayalon

The 10 minutes handstand thing – DONE!

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“Just do it man” (Sascha Bachman)
I guess that’s all I really needed to hear…

A few months ago I took upon myself to finally tackle this 10 min endurance challenge….

I was introduced to the “high numbers” through Andrey Moraru who reached an impressive 26min long hold back in this school days in Ukraine. I then met the legendary Denis Tolstov (through Andrey) who held a hand stand for 1 hour long!!! back in the “Good old” Kiev circus school days. The up and coming circus artist Sacha Bachman recently completed 45 min on his hands before graduating from the Montreal national circus school. There are of course countless and nameless Chinese kids who do this stuff before breakfast but lets not go there…

OK back to my personal challenge.
As you recall, my approach was to break those 10 minutes into 3-4 segments and slowly decrease the resting time in between. For the last couple of months I have been doing these sessions 2-3 times per week in the end of practice and have been slowly been increasing the length of my holds and also decreasing the resting periods in between. My Endurance sessions looked and progressed as follows:

4 x 2:30 (60 sec rest in between sets)
4 x 2:30 (30 sec rest)
3 x 3:20 (60 sec rest)
3 x 3:30 (40 sec rest)
5:00 (1 min rest) + 2 x 2:30 (30 sec rest)
6:00 (1 min rest) + 2 x 2:00 (30 sec rest)

*I also added long holds against the wall inspired by John Sapinosso and the Ido portal team, and reached a 20 min wall assisted hold which was a great addition to my preparation.

So this is where I was last week before a random chat with Sascha Bachman, who basically told me to forget a little about the progressions…, “Just go for it” and approach it more as a psychological /mental challenge rather than a physical one.

Today happened to be a nice day so I went outside to practice. I was a little short on time, so I decided to go for some technique work and then an endurance session… Although I had the 10 min on the back of my mind, I still didn’t really decide to go for it… 6 minutes into it I started to think, why not…, one minute at a time, one arm handstand at a time… And there I was, at the 10 minutes mark with some fatigue but not something to write home about…

So what’s next? Time will tell…

You can find Yuval Ayalon on Facebook and Youtube.

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Hand Balancing Training Variations

When it comes to handstands and hand balancing in general, there are many ways to train and progress. In this video we have a chance to see quite difficult hand balancing moves by Pablo Molina.

Starting with a straight handstand, Pablo goes on to walk on hands and perform various hand balancing moves, including press handstand and even unsupported headstand; but he also shows some amazing one arm handstand variations and handstand pushups on hand balancing stands, which make balancing easier and increase the number of stunts you can perform. Check them out here.

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Johnny Sapinoso Got Some Moves

In this video from Johnny Sapinoso we can see a number of very demanding workouts and feats, like:

  • Front and back flips
  • Cool moves on a bent bar
  • One arm pullups on gymnastic rings
  • Planche on rings and bars
  • Planche pushups
  • Amazing partner acrobatics (including a handstand)
  • One arm handstand at the end of the video

Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
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Johnny Sapinoso  has been training since the age of 5. But you certainly can achieve some of the feats listed above much quicker.  If you are interested in learning how to do a one hand handstand, a back flip or just want to get started with lever training, then make sure to check out this page.

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Balancing Compilation

This video contains a number of amazing balancing moves, including one arm handstand, human flag, headstand on a head, hand-to-hand handstand and many extraordinary feats from circus performers.

A video that left the biggest impression on me was the one with a circus guy who went up and down stairs on his hands. What’s your favorite one among those in the video?

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In case you want Professor E.M. Orlick to teach you how to learn a one hand handstand, make sure to check it out here. 

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One Arm Press from Straddle

This video shows a one arm press from straddle to one arm handstand on hand balancing canes done 11 times.

You can skip to about 1:20 when the action starts.

Judging by the reactions and build up it must have been a record at least among this group.

One Arm Press is a super advanced skill. Doing it on two arms is outside what most people can do, let alone on one.

Thanks to Dunte for sending me this video.

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