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Quick Press to Handstand Tutorial

Here’s a really short but effective tutorial on how to perform a press handstand.

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Firstly, you’ll want to get in a plank position and pull your butt all the way up in to the air while keeping your hands in one place. To do this, you’ll have to lean forward , use your shoulders and suck your abs in. After you master this move, put a raised surface (mats work the best) behind you and press your feet onto the raised surface. Repeat the process to get off the mats, back to the floor.

Now you’re ready to press from a raised surface to a handstand against the wall and essentially end up in a supported handstand before coming back into the raised surface. After you feel confident enough, add more mats to raise the surface behind you. If you can make it at least 6 inches high, you’ll be very close to performing a press. Try to come down as slow as possible to build strength and improve balance. Also don’t forget to use your finger tips to keep in balance!

How great would it be to impress your friends with gravity defying hand balancing skills? Check it out here.

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Press to Handstand

The press to handstand is a fairly general name, that commonly refers to any straight arm press. This is different from the many bent arm presses, which are still presses up to a handstand, but are usually called something different.

Among the straight arm variations, the most common and easiest to begin with is the straddle press, where the legs are spread wide.

There is also the pike press, which is harder to do, because having the legs together increases the leverage.

Here is a good video tutorial on the subject

All the drills in this video will help you to learn this skills. To recap:

1) Straddle Lift off the Floor Holds
2) Straddle Lift Pressup
3) Straddle and Pike Stretch
4) Trying the Press to Handstand and Lifting Toes
5) Straddle Press Against the Wall
6) Straddle Press with Feet Raised to Start

How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
ow to do the One Hand Handstand on Amazon

I would partially disagree with her statement to never jump. While that doesn’t qualify for the full skill, you can use a little hop in training for this exercise.

Also the floor press handstand (where the legs start on the floor) is a harder skill then just pressing with your feet starting on the ground.

Be forewarned this exercise can be very difficult to do, especially for men. The biggest thing likely to hold you back is flexibility, more so then strength. Much work needs to be done on these drills and others to attain this skill. In addition to the hamstring and hip flexibility you need lots of compression ability, that is compacting your upper and lower body together.

I’m personally still working on this skill as it’s long eluded me, but I am getting ever closer.

Pike Press to Handstand

There are many more advanced variations of pressing to handstand, like from an Lsit or even on one arm as is seen in the video below.

For lots of tips and training ideas on many variations of the press to handstand I highly suggest you check out Professor Orlick’s Hand Balancing Made Easy.

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