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Lsit to Shoulder Stand

Here’s a fairly easy hand balancing skill you can practice. Its called the Lsit to Shoulder Stand.

To start with I recommend two solid platforms to keep your hands on that are raised from the ground. Big kettlebells work great for this too.

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Start in an L position then tuck your legs, tip your shoulders forward and come to the shoulder stand. Then reverse it.

You can make this exercise harder by:

1) Doing more reps
2) Longer holds in any of the positions
3) Try it on the ground like this handstand from sitting.
4) Pressing up to a complete handstand from the shoulder stand.

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Offset Press Handstand

Recently I covered the variation known as the shoulder stand, that’s different from the common shoulder stand.

This move builds on top of that. Instead of both hands flat one is raised higher then the other.

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You can hold this position.

Or you can then do an offset press up into a one arm handstand with support.

Its a fun move to try.

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Shoulder Stand

The shoulder stand is a name for a movement pictured below.

Shoulder Stand

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However it’s also the name for the bottom of a press position as you’ll learn in this video here.

This is a great move for several purposes.

1. Strengthens the arms and shoulders. You’re holding a position that can be tough. Although your arms are fully bent and touching which allows you to support some weight they still must isometrically fire to hold you in position.

2. Strengthens the abdominals. This can be increased by raising and lowering the legs into position.

3. Works your balance. The hands must work to keep you balanced. Since it’s a lower center of gravity then the handstand, it’s usually easier to hold this position. It would make another great lead-up stunt for the handstand for that reason.

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5 Ring Handstand Push-ups

This video shows a man doing 5 ring handstand push-ups. Can you do this too? I could probably do one or two reps right now if I tried.

The ring handstand pushup takes much more strength then even full range handstand pushups against a wall. Although the straps can be used so you don’t have to balance, the strength it takes to stabilize your body dramatically increases.

Don’t even try this without a solid base of full range handstand pushups, and being use to the rings.

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It would also be smart to work the shoulder stand position on the rings at the bottom.

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