Hand Balancing Stands and Canes

Take Your Skills to the Next Level and Enjoy Greater Control and More Stunts

Dear Hand Balancer,

Watch any professional hand balancer and you’ll find them on some type of stands or hand balancing canes. Seldom if ever do you find them performing on the flat ground.

Why is this? Because these tools actually make balancing easier while giving the appearance of more difficulty. With more ease these experts can perform better with more confidence.

Having always seen these masters in videos and pictures I was always curious where you could get a pair of these stands. I wasn’t the only one either. I often received questions asking the same thing.

I never found the answer…until one day out of the blue a former professional hand balancer sent me an amazing gift.

I used that original pair of stands often. It’s hard to explain it but once you mount a pair of hand balancing stands you’ll notice how different the ‘feel’ is. I could ‘feel’ a better balance and all my skills ‘felt’ easier while gripping the blocks.

Since I wasn’t the only one who had been looking all over for these things, I set about the path to having them manufactured. Now they’re available to anyone, not just the professionals.

The stands are interchangeable allowing you to do switch the heights for different purposes which is shown in the picture, but extra pieces are used to display this.

Let me tell you about some of the unique benefits you’ll receive when you use the hand balancing stands.

  • Smooth and comfortable blocks allow you to grip hard (much harder than you can on the flat ground) giving you better control making balancing easier. Longer handstands and harder skills can be yours.
  • The grips actually provide less stress on the wrists allowing you to train more and need less flexibility.
  • Certain surfaces allow extra action based on the heights of the stands making balancing even easier.
  • Interchangeable Heights – Whether you want them low to the ground or raised high you can get the benefits of using the stands. Raise them high to pull of exercises that could only be done on parallettes before.
  • Since your palm is still flat on the blocks any work done on these will transfer over to normal balancing on the ground and vice versa unlike working on parallel bars.
  • Train the one hand handstand by using the different heights of the stands. A full progression can be made getting you balancing on one hand in no time.
  • Easy Portability – Because of the design all pieces can be disassembled which means you can take them anywhere (and shipping isn’t outrageously expensive.)

If you’re serious about hand balancing at all, you’ll add this vital tool into the mix.

I have spent some time looking for equipment to help me improve my balance skills. As I stumbled across Logan’s stands I figured why not give it a chance.

First of I’ve got to say this is the most well spent money this year. The stands are beautiful, looks professional, are of made good material and the best of all they are steady. Now I thought that to be steady you needed a big surface, these stands proved me wrong. Their so light and small and easy to pack in a back pack, I actually bring them to training almost every time. I also travel a lot, and their always with me. Neat packed into my backpack or traveling bag but although their small in size I’ve never experienced unbalance. Never. And I use them almost every day.

Now for my hand balancing progress. Lets just say I’ve been upside down for 6 years now – free hand that is – and with these I’ve improved so much I can’t believe it myself.For two years I’ve been struggling to get that one armed handstand and when the stands came in the mail (witch was incredible fast by the way) my motivation skyrocketed and so did my one armed skill. Going from unbalanced holds to 3 seconds balanced holds on normal in just a month says it all. What I couldn’t to for 2 years came like nothing one approximate one month.

So yea. I’m amazed and I love them – I bet others would, too. Going for the Planche now. Not loving them any less, thrown away my pushup bars too. I don’t need them as all I need is my hand balancing stands.

Tor-Inge Hareide from Norway

Before these stands I had found one pair before on an obscure Austrailian website. It was a fine piece of equipment except for the fact that it
cost $5000.00 to buy. They’re trying to lock out anyone except the very best from ever getting the benefits of using these stands.

But don’t worry as these stands won’t cost you anything near that price. You can get the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. Get your pair of the hand balancing canes for just $160 + S/H.

“I could not be happier with the hand balancing stands. They are easy to assemble but even more they are easy to use! I have and will continue to recommend my fellow hand balancers buy stands from you. Thank you for creating these stands for me!”
– Kelsey Setter from Minnesota

“I have been training with them and really like them alot. I am able to almost hold a one arm handstand now. Right arm for 7 seconds and left arm 5-7 seconds. They make balancing easier by being able to grip tighter. I can also do other balancing exercises easier, and with less strain on the wrist, which is awesome!”
-Ian Fernandez from New York

“The canes are working out great! I use the smaller rods for one arm practice and at home where my ceiling isn’t super high. The longer ones are great for the gym and controlled transitions to L-sits, tuck planche, ect. I’ve been balancing for about a year now, and I have to say the canes have made my floor handstands much better. Not to mention its saving a load on my wrists not having to use the floor all the time. 100% satisfied with the product. Would definitely recommend. Thanks again!”
-Joshua Lawson from Ohio

“I’ve only had them for about a month but i have really improved my balance! I am a 14 years old circus performer and it is probably the best money I have ever spent! I use them at least half an hour a day and I noticed just after a few days my balance had got much better! Before I could stand for about 50 second but now i easily stand for one minute! But I do want to say that I’m really happy i bought them and I recommend others to buy them!”
-Mats Oosterveld from Sweden,  Instagram: @circus_by_mats

Order your pair of stands today and you can get started practicing like a pro.

We’ve just made a deal with a new manufacturer. The stands are approximately 12″ tall with two separate bases as pictured below.

Hand Balancing Stands – USA Shipments Only
$160 + S/H

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

P.S. One other benefit I forgot to mention, the hand balancing stands allow you to train anywhere. On concrete where you’d rather not put your hands down, on sand where the balance is normally harder, on wet surfaces and more.