Secrets of the Handstand Quick Start SystemBeginner Level
A step-by-step system utilizing lead-up stunts and assistance exercises that will lead you to holding a freestanding handstand faster than anything else. Nothing else will get you into a freestanding handstand faster!

Secrets of the Handstand


Hand Balancing Made Easy – Beginner/Intermediate
Professor Orlick’s first book that will get you up into a handstand and teach you hundreds of variations and positions to work on.

hand balancing made easy


Walking and Jumping On Your Hands – Intermediate/Advanced
Professor Orlick’s second book that gives you simple solutions to go from your first steps to scaling stairs and tables, plus hopping on your hands.

Walking and Jumping On Your Hands


How to do the One Hand Handstand – Advanced
Professor Orlick’s third book that is devoted solely to helping you master the king of skills, the one arm handstand.

How to do the One Hand Handstand Book


The True Art and Science of Hand BalancingBeginner/Intermediate/Advanced Level
Professor Paulinetti and Robert Jones show you how to do their most unbelievable hand balancing skills in their classic book.

true art and science


How to Achieve a Tiger Bend – Intermediate/Advanced
A short ebook on the exact process and exercises I used to achieved the difficult Tiger Bend move.

tiger bend

Tumbling and Acrobatic Skills

Tumbling Illustrated
Now you can become a master of various acrobatic stunts. With 248 different moves you’ll have lots to do. Moves you can aspire to and moves you can do right now, whether you’re just starting out or can already perform crazy stunts. All levels.



The Trampoline Handbook
Use a trampoline to build your acrobatic skills. This handbook takes you from the most basic bounces and landings to twists, flips, and many combinations with 50 stunts total described in detail and pictured.



Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
Learn several different methods you can use to master this most amazing of acrobatic skills. With equipment and spotters or without you’ll find out here.


Bridging Exercises

Advanced Bridging Course
The complete A-to-Z course on bridging skills including the wrestler’s bridge, gymnast bridge and more. Build strength, flexibility and acrobatic skill.

bridging course

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups
This book covers everything you could possibly need to know on one of the greatest exercises, the handstand pushup. Whether you are working up to your first rep or are doing them full-range you’ll be able to get stronger with this book.

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

The Ultimate Guide to Pullups and Chin-ups
This guide to the great bodyweight exercise pullups covers five main topics. You’ll learn how to work up to your first rep, adding many more reps, adding weight, tons of variations and master the one arm chinnup.

The Ultimate Guide to Pullups and Chin-ups

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols
Learn how to gain a full range of motion in the bodyweight squat. Discover several variations and how to work up to hundreds or even beyond 1000 reps in a single set. Go further by achieving your first pistol then well beyond it, adding more reps, explosiveness and weighted.

Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols

The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises
If you want to be strong anywhere you must have a strong core. Learn all about the two best bodyweight exercises to develop it, the ab wheel rollout and hanging leg raise. Tons of progressions to master these moves and many more.

Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Ab Exercises


The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning
The first four books in the Ultimate Bodyweight Training series were all about building strength, just using your own bodyweight. Now we turn our sights on conditioning. And once again you can use just your bodyweight to become a Conditioning Machine.


Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Conditioning

Front and Back Lever Training
This video covers everything you need to know to get started with lever training, and move all the way up to the complete position and even beyond. Each move is broken down into simple steps, plus you’ll find additional exercises, techniques and methods of training.

Front and Back Lever TrainingDVD