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Handstand Kickover

Doing a handstand kickover is fun and at the same time a smart choice of exercise.  However, it is not that easy to do as it may cause injuries especially if you do not know the basic steps. In this sense, it is necessary to know how to obtain a graceful and steady handstand.

Basic Steps of Handstand Kickover:

  • Find a wide and soft area. If you want to practice the move, the first thing to consider is finding a wide and safe area that ensures softer landing. This activity will make you fall most of the time so it is necessary to protect yourself from injury.
  • Stretch. Before starting, it is necessary to do some stretching such as rolling your neck, ankles and wrists. This will reduce the risk of getting injured and at the same time, these stretching exercises will make you more flexible.
  • Stand straight up lifting your hands over your head. Keeping your arms straight is crucial, then step forward, throw hands down and do the kick.
  • Kick one leg and take a forward step. When doing it, you should ensure that the skeletal system can handle or endure the load of your body. Thus, you should keep your fingertips align with your back foot.

Aside from the basic steps mentioned, you should also ensure proper balance of the body. Otherwise, it may lead to injury once you make a mistake in throwing your hands and kicking your legs. Likewise, while approaching the ground, always keep your arms straight. Keeping your arms and elbows bended can injure you.

Performing this handstand is not a piece of cake so you need someone to assist you if it’s your first time. If you are a beginner on doing handstands, this is not recommended for you. You should be able to do a handstand for two seconds, and a standing back bend before you can practice doing handstand kickover moves.

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Handstand Scorpion

The handstand scorpion is a minor contortion exercise where you go into a big back bend and bend the knees, usually touching them to the top of the head. Sometimes it’s taken even further and the feet come beneath the head.

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Here’s a really good video that shows the handstand scorpion and more.

She is also doing a movement she calls the Tic Toc which is going into the bridge and back. There may be a different use of that name for a move in gymnastics.

I’ve seen the handstand fall into a bridge before and done it myself. However getting back into the handstand from that position is much harder. Give it a try yourself. It’s helpful to have a great base in bridging movements before trying any of this.

This Scorpion pose is also known as Vrschikasana in yoga, although that may refer to the version where it’s a forearm stand rather then on the hands. And an interesting little philosophy on this move.

The head, which is the seat of knowledge and power, is also the seat of pride, anger, hatred, jealousy, intolerance and malice. These emotions are more deadly than the poison which the scorpion carries in its sting. The yogi, by stamping on his head with his feet, attempts to eradicate these self-destroying emotions and passions. By kicking his head he seeks to develop humility, calmness and tolerance and thus to be free of ego. The subjugation of the ego leads to harmony and happiness. Read more here.

Work on your handstand scorpion and you’ll not only build balancing ability, but great back flexibility and it can lead up to the other movements shown here. Plus it may help you free yourself from your ego 🙂

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