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Parkour Flow Drill

Today’s video comes from my friends the Tapp Brothers and it’s all about improving your flow and creativity in parkour.

Walking and Jumping On Your HandsWalking and Jumping On Your Hands on Amazon

The point of this and similar drills is to get used to natural movements so you don’t have to think much when you actually end up in a high stress situation; and avoid possible injuries at the same time. Aside from that, you’ll boost your creativity, agility and coordination if you perform the drill on a regular basis.

If you’re just getting started with parkour, the Tapp Brothers will teach you this and many other crucial things in their Parkour Crash Course.

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Motor Moron Flow

The final video in the motor moron series.

This combines some of the concepts from the previous videos on getting up without your hands and rolling around. Building on top of these basics you can develop more difficult skills.

The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing
The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing on Amazon

Try doing a random flow like this. Great for a warmup if needed and for getting the body moving.

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