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Spotting a Back Hand spring

Here’s a great video on spotting a back hand spring. If you’ve never done this move before, it can be quite scary the first time, so having a spotter, while not essential, is very helpful.

I really like the quote, “The spotter is not responsible for making sure you land on your feet, the spotter is responsible for making sure you do not land on your head.”

This same spotting technique can be done from a standing position, but besides that, it’s the same as what I learned from my gymnastics coach.

Also when doing the back handspring, it can be helpful of thinking about sitting in a chair position before launching. This gives you the proper launching position you need.

For more information including how to learn back hand springs and back flips without a spot I recommend you check out Get Your Backflip Now. Since not everyone has a coach or training partner available to them, it’s a smart option to have.

Try out the back hand spring with this method and then switch people, spotting the back handspring yourself. Leave your comments below.

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