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How to do a Wallrun

No matter if you have seen it in movies, video games or on other videos, wallruns are always quite astonishing to look at. For a moment it appears as if though you are defying the laws of gravity, and anything that unnatural is certain to impress anyone.

How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
ow to do the One Hand Handstand on Amazon

The best way to go with this is to start off slowly by using only one foot and simply walking on the wall, pushing yourself away from it. Start off with the side you feel most comfortable with, and later as you progress you can practice both legs.

Once you have done a few tries with only one step, try incorporating the second one as shown on the video. This time you will need to gain more momentum. To do this, you need to start thinking of a Wallrun as a long jump, so the more speed you get the higher you go, and the longer your Wallrun will be.

However, be sure to start off slowly and only progress as you become comfortable with the way you are going. This is a pretty easy skill to learn with just a little practice.

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How to do a Wall Climbup

While Parkour and acrobatic tricks may seem difficult, all of the people doing it had to start somewhere. By starting out with simple tricks and advancing later on, you build up confidence, skill and acquire a decent amount of tricks up your sleeve.

In the video, you are able to see that wall climbups are not that difficult to perform, and while looking cool are actually also quite functional. Even if you do not want to show off your skills, you might find yourself facing a wall that you would need to climb, by learning how to do it, you will be able to.

While climbing up, try to keep your hands straight, because by bending them you lose all the power you had. While performing 180s you should be kick yourself in the opposite direction only when you’re high enough. It’s rather simple, just needs a little bit of practice. Fun thing about is, you can go outside and practice right now.

For more parkour skills like these check out this DVD or the online course.

Trampoline Handbook
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Art of Motion

As I was browsing for some interesting videos on Youtube, I ended up being glued on this one. The video is a compilation of vaults, jumps and flips done by these inhuman like individuals. I cannot help but think how in the world did they come up with this?

I quickly pulled up another tab and searched about Parkour. I read the definition and upon going through the lines, it definitely made sense. It is an alternative way to fighting. In other words, this is how you suppose to run away from danger effectively and with style.

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups
Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups on Amazon

Anyways, these individuals are showing us what we are capable of. Indeed, a lot is still to be discovered in the human physical ability. After watching the video, I now think that the world would be 5% to 10% peaceful if people would only choose to “Parkour” their way out of trouble.

I will be looking to search for more of these videos which for me, sends a positive image and a unique way to promote a trouble free environment. That’s what I call art of motion.

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Another Great Free Running Video

Here’s another great free running video. This one has some high quality footage with good camera angles. It looks like many of these were shot for commercials and perhaps some movies too.

The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing
The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing on Amazon

The action starts after about 30 seconds. Also a little more than a minute in you’ll notice stunts being done at a gymnastic center. It seems that many of the top people do much of their practice there. It makes sense. Allows you to practice harder tricks in a safer environment and one in which you can setup exactly what you need.

I especially like the feat at 1:48. Jumping and sticking in a handstand position. Also again at 2:39

Again if you want to get started learning Parkour and many of these skills yourself I recommend you check out the Parkour Crash Course put out by the Tapp brothers.

Good Luck and Good Free Running,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you know of any great videos I should check out either enter them in the comments below or shoot me an email. Thanks!

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Awesome Free Running Video

You can spend a lot of time on Youtube looking around at videos on many cool things. Parkour and Free running are two such things.

But instead of you looking I’ll highlight a few of the best in the coming weeks here on the blog. This first one is long but has tons of great tricks as it s a compilation of the best.

Hand Balancing Made EasyHandBalancingMadeEasy_on_Amazon

You’ll find all kinds of acrobatics as well as a little bit of hand balancing and strength moves, like the human flag, thrown in.

And if you want to get started learning Parkour and many of these skills yourself I recommend you check out the Parkour Crash Course.

This is put out by the Tapp Brothers of which I recommended their Backflip program and it was hugely popular.

Good Luck and Good Free Running,
Logan Christopher

P.S. If you know of any great videos I should check out either enter them in the comments below or shoot me an email. Thanks!

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Science behind Parkour

I saw this video over at Gymnastics Coaching and thought it was worth sharing. While I’m not surprised like the hosts of the shows seem to be it is a fun watch.

Want to gain these skills? Then I highly suggest you check out the Parkour Crash Course.

The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing
The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing on Amazon
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Damien Walters 2010

In case you haven’t seen this video, check out one of the greatest athletes out there, Damien Walters.

Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days
Learn How to Back Flip in 31 Days on Amazon

One thing I think you can take away from this video is that much practice is done in a gymnastics center as well as outside in ‘regular’ terrain. Build up your skills in the safer environment before going outside.

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Hand Balancing for Different People Part 2

Thanks for all the comments on the previous post on the different ways people come to hand balancing.

Different ideas and issues were raised so I’d like to delve further into the subject for today.

Gymnastics – First off George corrected me about hand balancing in gymnastics. I’ll reprint what he said below.

Their are six sports/disciplines within Gymnastic in America. Three of them use hand balancing. One; Acrobatic Gymnastics, uses it VERY VERY heavily. The other two are Men’s and Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics. You still get one arms from Girls on Beam at the Elite and Jr. Elite level and hand balancing as you see it is extremely good practice for developing handstands on Rings for Men’s artistic. Particularly if the men move from static support apparatus to one with some movement to simulate Rings.

In other parts of the world hand balancing is becoming part of another gymnastic sport-discipline once called Sport Aerobics, now often termed as Aerobic Gymnastics. Though their hand balance skills are simple Crocks… I predict that this will grow much much larger. This sport is huge in many european countries.

I stand corrected. It seems my gymnastic experience only goes as far as what I see in the major events in the Olympics. But in the future I’ll be diving deeper into these other disciplines.

Tumbling Illustrated
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capoeira handstand

Capoeira in Action

Capoeira – A couple people brought up Capoeira. If you’re not familiar with this, it is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. In it handstands are used but usually coming into and out of positions as it is all fluid movement. Similar to breakdancing but quite different as well. It is unique to watch and quite fun.

Several people come to my site in efforts to improve their handstands for more strength and endurance in order to increase their Capoeira skills.

Parkour – Freerunners or Traceurs (the term for those that practice Parkour) obviously cover a wide variety of acrobatic and movement skills. I’ve heard in described as Parkour being moving as efficiently as possible through a path or course. While Freerunning adds the elements of skill and tricks to the mix. In this case handstands would make more sense for freerunning as walking across a field on your hands is quite inefficient compared to running across.

Of course, it’s all about mastering the human body and movement. Hand balancing is the same. So it’s no wonder that those who are proficient and experts in Parkour are usually proficient or experts in hand balancing. The two go together hand in hand and that’s why I offer the Parkour Tutorial DVD on this site.

Crossfit – This would certainly fit into the bodyweight trainees category. While I don’t agree with everything they do, Crossfit should be applauded for bringing all the best movements, with weights and without, to people. This includes handstand and handstand pushups.

Just a few more ways people may get started and interested in handstands and hand balancing. Any way you come at it is good. And all ways are equally valid. Not to mention if you find yourself in one group you can learn by going outside the boundaries and learn from the others.

Good Luck and Good Hand Balancing,
Logan Christopher

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How to Learn Parkour

Merry Christmas!

Regardless of whether you celebrate this holiday or any other this time of year, I’m in the spirit of giving.

I mentioned this before and now its ready. Grab my new interview with Mark Toorock of American Parkour

Walking and Jumping On Your HandsWalking and Jumping On Your Hands on Amazon

In just over an hour we covered tons of information from the beginnings of parkour on to how to learn parkour. Here’s a few of the things you’ll discover when you listen:

  • The difference between doing Parkour and training Parkour.
  • What your fitness level should be before you get started in Parkour. The answer may surprise you…
  • Tips on keeping the knees, ankles and other joints healthy so you can train a long time while avoiding crippling injuries.
  • What a typical Parkour training session should look like.
  • How to find other Parkour practitioners (aka Traceurs) that you can train with.
  • Tips on finding places to train (including the legal aspects of doing so).
  • The fundamentals you MUST focus on and why neglecting to do so will mean slower progress.
  • And much more…

We do talk about the Parkour Tutorial DVD, available here, but besides that its all great content on how to get started learning and training in parkour.

Good Luck and Good Free Running,
Logan Christopher

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Damien Walters

Meet Damien Walters, one of the very best acrobats in the world. Combining tricking, parkour, trampolining, free running, and all manner of acrobatics along with a big dose of creativity.

This guy knows how to practice and get good.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon

If you want to get started tumbling like Damien Walters can you got lots of practice ahead of you. But let me recommend something to set you in the right direction – Tumbling Illustrated and the Parkour Tutorial DVD.

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