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Handstand Tap Dance

In the previous video we discussed doing a handstand dance and a few different ways that can happen.

Here we’re going to look at one specific form on that with the handstand tap dance.

This isn’t the first time professional Rudi Macaggi has been featured on this site. But this video of tap dancing on the hands was new to me. It’s awesome and I’ve never seen anything like it before!


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Most Dangerous Handstand Stunt

Hope, pointed this video out to me. I just recently featured Rudi Macaggi doing a one hand handstand on a guitar.

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But this stunt takes the danger level to an insane level.

(Obvciously Rudi is a professional and in no way should you attempt this stunt at home.)

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Handstand on a Guitar

Rudi Macaggi a performing acrobat and comedian demonstrates his hand balancing ability by doing a one arm handstand on a guitar.

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Don’t try this at home without many years of practice. You could hurt yourself and the guitar!

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