Advanced Frogstand for Planche Progression

Learning how to do a frogstand is a must for anyone who wants to master the handstand. If you can’t hold a basic frogstand for at least a minute or so, you have no business trying to perform a free standing handstand.

Mike Fitch from Global Bodyweight Training shows a couple of great frogstand variations for building your way up to the planche.

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In advanced frogstand, you’re putting the knees on the inside of your fully extended elbows, whereas in the regular frogstand the knees are resting on the outside of bent elbows – making the exercise much easier. This frogstand variation will help you strengthen the entire body, but it’s particularly good for improving wrist flexibility and balance.

After you get in a starting advanced frogstand position, flex your elbows slowly and lean forward to lock yourself in a more stable position. From there you’ll begin with alternating hip extensions while shifting the weight from one leg to another to stay in balance. Keep your abs tight at all times. Make sure to watch the entire video for detailed explanation of this advanced frogstand variation.

If you want more detailed instructions from Mike Fitch, check out his Hand Balancing for the Bodyweight Athlete DVD here.



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2 Responses to Advanced Frogstand for Planche Progression

  1. John October 3, 2014 at 9:53 am #

    Well explained video. I have been practising this for some weeks now. Not face planted yet but been close. A well placed cushion is essential gear!
    Progress is slow but feel like I have had a good work afterwards. Trying not to do too much each session going for a little but often approach. Got golfers elbow last time I over-trained on post flags, get that and it is game over man for 6 weeks!
    I liked the instruction for stretching the wrist to help with the endurance.
    Do you think there is a weighted exercise that would help with the strength that is needed to do his?

    • Logan October 3, 2014 at 11:37 am #

      Glad you’re enjoying this one.

      Don’t know if there is really a weight exercise that would translate specifically but bench presses could help with the pec strength needed, which is even more critical as you get closer to a planche. Heavy lockouts (standing or bench) could assist the triceps.

      As for the core strength other bodyweight exercises like levers and flags would best help more than any weighted ab exercise.

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