Handstand Walk Tutorial

After working on and perfecting your very first handstand, the next step is to learn how to walk on your hands. This video will show you step by step, in a progressive manner how to pull off your first handstand walk.

1. 30 Seconds Nose to Wall Handstand Hold

This is a very important step in order to improve your balance skills before making your initial walk. First, slowly get a firm grasp of the floor while moving your feet onto the wall. Then slowly push yourself towards the wall while taking one step at a time until you reach 90 degrees. Lastly, hold your position for about 30 seconds.


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2. Hip Touches

This is the step where you are trying to teach your hands and arms to stand on their own while the other one is reaching your hip. Remember to shift some of your body weight to the left as you reach your right hip with your right hand and vice versa. This will help you avoid falling to the side of the hand that you’re using to touch your hip. Do this repetitively until you’re arms are comfortable with standing on one at a time.


3. Kick Aways

Now you are starting to do the actual handstand walk. Slowly kick yourself away from the wall as you move your hands and arms forward one at a time as if you’re starting to learn how to walk using your feet. Slowly move your feet forward, past your body in order to keep the center of gravity near your body. After a few steps, you can go back to start and repeat the process until you reach the right balance in shifting the center of gravity while taking a step using your hands and arms.


4. Walk Aways

Walking away from the wall is like doing the actual handstand walk whereas you are using the wall as your starting position.


5. Practice

This is the last part where you apply what you learned when starting the handstand and the first four steps above.


If you’re looking for an in-depth book on handstand walking, make sure to check out Walking and Jumping On Your Hands by Professor Orlick.

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