Is a One Arm Handstand Pushup Possible?

I got this message from Mark in response to the recent post on the one arm handstand pushup.

He makes a really good point, that if people were doing the move, it would be somewhere on video, and everyone in the hand balancing world would achieve it.

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Sorry to be a cynic Logan,

But I have this sort of thing happen before, where someone who’s not familiar with hand-balancing tell me they have seen something like the one-handed handstand pushup you mentioned your friend telling you about. You might find they are doing something which is still hard, but which you have seen many times before but which could be mistaken by an amateur. I think you really need to see this sort of thing for yourself either through video footage or with your own eyes.

Either that it’s something that only light bodied 5-7 year olds can do and who lose the skill as their strength to weight ratio (invariably drops) as they get older.

As far as I know there is no footage of the move you are talking about yet on youtube. Every handbalancer would know it was something major if they saw it and it would fly round to the rest of us (I imagine) before too long. The person would gain extreme recognition and respect from the community (I imagine) instantaneously.

I am not saying it’s not out there or not possible, but not yet at any rate….

There was a moment in the following video @2.24 where Caiyong did something which I thought was impossible.

That transition has to be one of the most difficult strength moves in the world. I’ve seen that move before, a one arm pressup from the one arm lever, but never with as little explosiveness and in that strict of style.

Cai Yong is an amazing hand balancer. So perhaps the true one arm handstand pushup isn’t possible (yet) but this that doesn’t mean you can’t build unbelievable strength through hand balancing and do other equally jaw-dropping moves.

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3 Responses to Is a One Arm Handstand Pushup Possible?

  1. Jean-Luc June 26, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    Utterly amazing.

  2. Hope McCurdy October 11, 2012 at 4:52 am #

    This man also does the one arm push up, see this video below, Cuban born “Roilan Handbalancer” as he goes by on facebook


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