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Duo Vladimir Strikes Again

In the last video we had from two Vladimirs they showed various hand-to-hand hand-balancing moves. This time one of them used a head of the other as a rotating hand balancing stand, which clearly shows extraordinary neck strength.

Once again, they finish the act with dangerous move using two knives to balance on top of each other.

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Most people neglect training the neck, which I personally believe to be a huge mistake. Make your body (including your neck and spine) indestructible.

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Hand Balancing Act and Jumping on One Hand

A video of a woman performing hand balancing act from 2009 went viral again on YouTube. Here’s the original, long version of that video featuring incredibly strong woman practicing tough hand balancing routine on hand balancing canes.

Lack of space, a domestic setting and children in the background are no match for Anait Seyranyan, a professional Moscow-born hand balancer. Here’s another great video from Anait where she jumps from one arm to another on the hand balancing stand.

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She also manages to stay in near-vertical position in a one arm handstand, which is definitely something you don’t see every day. Make sure to check out 17 Exercises to Build the Strength and Stability for the one arm handstand in How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor E.M. Orlick.

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