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3 Fast and Easy Handstand Drills

I often receive questions on basic handstand moves and drills from people who are just starting out with their hand balancing training. The following video contains three quick and effective drills for those looking to achieve their first freestanding handstand gradually.

And you can practice them anywhere!

Tumbling Illustrated
Tumbling Illustrated on Amazon

Already able to perform basic hand-balancing moves? Click here to learn how to walk and jump on your hands.

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Excellent Hand Balancing Duo

I usually prefer to share short videos focused on amateur hand balancing, but today we have somewhat longer video from two professional hand balancing artist called Duo Vitalys.

How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
ow to do the One Hand Handstand on Amazon

In their 9 minute long act on an elevated platform Pablo and Joel show many hand-to-hand balancing tricks I’ve never seen before. Enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to like their Facebook page here if you enjoyed the video.

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Incredible Duo Hand Balancing Move

This is a new move to me as I’ve never seen something quite like it before. Not only is Gana capable of supporting the weight of her partner while in a bridge, but she even did so without her arms for a couple of seconds.

An outstanding combination of flexibility and strength.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon

One of the best video courses to improve your flexibility comes from Gold Medal Bodies. Check it out here.

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Duo Vladimir Strikes Again

In the last video we had from two Vladimirs they showed various hand-to-hand hand-balancing moves. This time one of them used a head of the other as a rotating hand balancing stand, which clearly shows extraordinary neck strength.

Once again, they finish the act with dangerous move using two knives to balance on top of each other.

Most people neglect training the neck, which I personally believe to be a huge mistake. Make your body (including your neck and spine) indestructible.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon
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5 Simple Hand Balancing Drills

Running out of ideas for your hand balancing training? Here are five exercises which will help you get back in shape for more advanced hand-balancing moves. Three drills shown below are done with the help of hand balancing blocks, while the last two can be practiced without any equipment.

Tumbling Illustrated
Tumbling Illustrated on Amazon

Unfortunately, the owner of the video disabled video embedding so you’ll have to click here to see it.


Ready to take your hand balancing to a “higher” level? Get your hand balancing canes today to immediately improve your hand balancing skills.

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Difficult Planche Variations

If you cannot challenge yourself anymore with a regular planche, you may want to try out several advanced planche variations. Most of these moves are not something your regular bodyweight trainee is capable of, but they’re certainly good goals to aim for.

1. Handstand lower to planche
2. Open tuck push back to single leg planche
3. Top position pull to straddle planche
4. Floor tuck push back to straddle planche
5. Straddle L Pull Back to straddle planche
6. Single leg tuck pull to single leg tuck planche
7. L-Sit push back to full planche

Hand Balancing Made EasyHandBalancingMadeEasy_on_Amazon

Head out to Gold Medal Bodies for a full planche tutorial.

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Handstand on an Escalator

I’ve seen people doing handstands in weird places, but I never saw anyone attempt to do one on a moving escalator. It’s actually quite astonishing!

The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing
The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing on Amazon

What’s the weirdest place you performed a handstand? Doing one at an airport was a bit weird for me.

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Hand Balancing in Costa Rica

Mauricio Jara is a tricking master from Costa Rica. Tricking is a training discipline similar to capoeira which combines martial arts kicks with gymnastics and breakdancing. He recently shared a video on one of the aspects of this discipline – gymnastics, with a focus on hand balancing.

Sit back and enjoy this mind-soothing handstand compilation.

Trampoline Handbook
Trampoline Handbook on Amazon

Interested in tricking videos by Mauricio? Check out his Facebook page here.

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Build Your Way Up to a Wide Arm Handstand

Chris Silcox just released a great tutorial on everything you need to know to build your way up to a wide arm handstand.

Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups
Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups on Amazon

Chris recommends starting with a partial handstand press and gradually increasing the length between the arms. Once you feel strong and confident enough, put your knees on an elevated platform, hands on the ground and practice the same thing. Once again, when you feel ready for the next step, add a mat or choose a higher platform and do the same drill. Once you add another mat, your hips will be over your shoulders which will help with strength and balance.

Don’t forget to to use your fingers and hands to balance while in a wide arm handstand. For more tips on advanced hand balancing, be sure to check out The True Art and Science of Hand Balancing.

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How to Progress to a Front Lever

Ryan from Gold Medal Bodies goes deep into front level progressions and shows one of the ways to work your way up to a front level. Below are the recommended steps, but make sure to watch the entire video to fully understand them.

1. The mini pull – To strengthen up your scapula
2. Straight arm chest pullups – To increase ROM
3. Mini pulls with knee pulls – Improve core strength
4. The front tuck
5. The front tuck to the open front tuck
6. Tuck for reps
7. Tuck with leg extensions

How to do the One Hand Handstand by Professor Orlick
ow to do the One Hand Handstand on Amazon

Your gym doesn’t have gymnastic rings? Get them here.

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