Handstand Hold for Time

Here is a great way to finish off your workouts whether you are doing just hand balancing or anything else by doing a handstand hold.

Its really simple, too.

Just kick up into a handstand against the wall and hold it there for as long as you can. Try to stretch your toes upward and maintain good posture the whole time.

If you want you can even do a couple sets.

Handstand Hold Against Wall

This is great because it will build your endurance in your arms, shoulders, back, everywhere.

As you steadily increase the amount of time you can hold a handstand you will find you get less fatigued when you practice your hand balancing.

It will test your mental toughness too. You can always stay up one more second if you really wanted to. A great way to finish off your training is to leave it all behind.

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Good Luck and Good Handbalancing,

Logan Christopher

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One Response to Handstand Hold for Time

  1. Breyonaluvin August 12, 2014 at 10:14 pm #

    I opted to do clean & jerks. I cleaned 185#, which is a 5# PR, but the most I got on split jerk today was 165#. Very weird for me to clean a wehgit and not be able to put it overhead in fact, I’m not sure that’s ever happened to me before. Oh well, I’ll be happy with my clean PR and get those jerks next time Goal: 200# clean & jerk!Mystery WOD as Rx’d: 91 reps

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